Yousual Website Development Company

Who We Are

Yousual is a small Massachusetts based Website Development Services Company, established in 2008. We are experts in the web development industry with over 17 years of experience working with, designing, building, and maintaining web based systems of various sizes and across various industries. We produce high quality solutions with consistency and have a superb track record to go along.

We don't advertise or promote much, but our fingerprints and work can be found on some of the most impressive and most popular website systems. See some of our clients below or browse project samples on our portfolio page.

Our Remarkable List of Clients Include:

What We Do

Yousual specializes in constructing websites using various open source platforms and technologies, and are experts in this field. Our primary focus and areas of expertise are Drupal, WordPress and SharePoint.

Our Custom Approach

We understand that not all clients and projects are the same. We forever remain dynamic in our approach to delivering solutions that are unique to each of our clients – just as their needs are unique.

Our Dedication

Yousual LLC is dedicated to intuitive Web designs and development and in providing our clients with various Business Solutions and services to help them promote, improve and grow their businesses.

We have introduced ourselves, now it would be our pleasure to know you…

Things We Believe In


We have a responsibility to each of our clients - to give at least 100% at all times and to deliver only our best efforts.


We hold ourselves accountable to delivering nothing less than what we promise. We never stop working until the job is completed properly and on time.


We hold ourselves and our work to extremely high standards. We approach every project with honesty and integrity, and expect that our clients will do the same.


We have opinions and ideas and we like to be open, transparent and up front about things as we listen and share. We don't like to "sugar coat" anything! Sugar isn't that great for any of us.


Our choice is to be open and honest with each of our customers. Honesty is STILL the best policy! This is a moral standard that we live by. At the end of the day, figuratively speaking, we are all accountable for each of our actions.


To simply put it, we just know how to get the job done within scope! We have been doing this for a very long time and our vast industry experience plays to our advantage. There aren't very many problems that we haven't seen and resolved before.


We don't take on projects that we are not comfortable with, we don't start what we can't finish, and consequently - we don't make promises that we can't keep. Our many clients will attest, you can count on us to reliably deliver at all times!


We consider ourselves as partners to each of our clients, not just as vendors or contractors, we are truely an extension of their staff. With this teamwork attitude, we strive to deliver to them the same sucesses that they imagine and strive for themselves.

Our Skillsets & Proficiencies

Front End UI/UX
JavaScript / JQuery
Web Design
Graphic Design
Back End (PHP, SQL, MySQL)

Our Executive Team

Kurt Edwards
President / CEO

Kurt Edwards is president of Yousual LLC. He has over 15 years of extensive experience as a Programmer/ Developer, Website Designer, Business Systems Analyst (BSA) and IT Project Manager of websites and web based application systems. He also has several years of experience in the management of critical application systems in a previous role as Website Systems Manager of a large Financial Application Systems.

Kurt is considered a Drupal guru, and is considered as one of the best Drupal developers in the Northeast and in the Country. He has developed and supported more Drupal sites than he can remember to count.

As the leader of Yousual LLC, Kurt has played major roles in more than two hundred combined small to large web IT project implementations. He has widespread knowledge and hands-on experiences in the major stages of the system development life cycle (SDLC), and has worked extensively in all the major roles of a system development. His technical talents and experiences are also coupled with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

Gregory Henry
Director of Professional Services

Gregory Henry, AKA "Mr. G" is one of the world's Swiss army knives. He has plenty of big ideas and big dreams, and his superior talent, creative vision, and drive for success are simply unmatched. Gregory is a true inspiration to all of us.

Angela Edwards
Senior Project Advisor

One of the motivating factors that made this all happen. Also, Yousual's #1 critic.

Team "E-Web"
Junior Developers

Team "E-Web" is our close family of designers and developers; with brilliant minds and creativity that can only leave you to describe them as "geniuses".

  • Elijah (E1)
  • Elyn (E2)
  • Elianah (E3)

Head of Security

Mylo the company pet

Mylo has never written a line of html code but is still learning. He does however "voice" his opinions on any website we build:

  • A bark means "good job"
  • A whine means he's not impressed

Besides eating, sleeping, and getting plenty of beauty rests, he takes security seriously and promptly alerts us of visitors or intruders, even if its an insect.