Website Support and Maintenance

All websites need maintenance in order to remain functional and visible on the internet. A well thought out process of maintenance is needed to have your website consistently performing and supporting your business needs. This plan should include emergency requests, new feature requests and bug fixes. Yousual has highly skilled professionals and resources committed to your business website maintenance and support needs. We allow you focus on running your business without the hassles or concerns of maintenance or upkeep.

General Website Maintenance & Support Services Include:

  • Website development/ design changes
  • Content creation editing or deletion
  • Website upgrades and updates
  • Database changes and fixes
  • Email setup and configurations
  • Website statistics reporting
  • Website files and database backups

Drupal, WordPress and SharePoint Support Services Include:

  • New feature development
  • Bug fixes
  • Code updates
  • Theme and Module upgrades
  • Template and Plugin updates
  • Security monitoring & upgrades
  • Website Performance tuning
  • Third party product integration
  • Lead generation development
  • Tracking and analytics
  • SEO best practices
  • Drupal, WordPress or SharePoint best practices
You can expect:
  • Fast support and turnaround times
  • Sophisticated support ticketing system
  • Ticket priority queuing
  • Within 24 hrs response time
  • Dedicated staff
  • Our commitment to superb service

Website Maintenance Packages

We offer various maintenance packages designed to fit your specific need. We also guarantee our rates to be extremely reasonable when compared to what others in the industry charge. We also provide custom packages in the case non of the below meets your needs. We also offer Web Hosting for client websites that we build.

Support Package Name Minimum hours of support per month Rate
40 Hrs Plan 40 $60/ hr.
30 Hrs Plan 30 $62/ hr.
25 Hrs Plan 25 $65/ hr.
20 Hrs Plan 20 $70/ hr.
15 Hrs Plan 15 $72/ hr.
10 Hrs Plan 10 $75/ hr.
5 Hrs Plan 5 $80/ hr.
Custom Plan Custom $_/ hr.
Per Request: Per hour as requested $80/ hr.
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